Compose Plus virtual SCM

The project and all meetings are still taking place remotely. Health comes first! What did we manage to achieve by the summer?

Project partners INSULEUR and TUC that are in charge of the evaluation of the institutional/administrative needs (A3.3), prepared two questionnaires; the first targeted to COMPOSE PLUS receivers and the second one to receivers stakeholders, who are involved in the development and implementation of sustainable energy projects. The results of both questionnaires will help partners to design approaches and training tools for transferable actions according to COMPOSE PLUS receivers’ and stakeholders’ interests, needs, and priorities. TUC analyses the questionnaires’ results to identify the priorities and needs of receivers and stakeholders supporting partners to build up a tailored capacity building and training plan, and enhance the transferability of the COMPOSE toolbox in their territories. During the meeting, INSULEUR and TUC explained the scope, design, and methodology of both surveys and presented the main findings of the receivers’ questionnaires. The survey analysis revealed the areas of interest for developing new sustainable energy projects in the receiving territories, the local expertise on capacity building, and the most transferable elements of the COMPOSE model.


Following, TUC presented the work plan and progress for updating and fine-tuning the COMPOSE tool, by integrating further content addressing the goals and priorities in the Green Deal Era and developing new functionalities (i.e. multilanguage content management, advanced search features, user-friendly help, and contact form).  Furthermore, partners discussed the opportunity of a multilanguage version of the toolbox and the requirements of a localisation process.