Capacity building event in Ljubljana

Renewable energies can importantly contribute to rural development, creating new working places and energy self- sufficieny. Different concepts of efficient use of renewable energy will be presented at he conference, held on 15.11.2018 in Ljubljana. Agenda in slovene language only :)

Program is created by MED projects COMPOSE and Forbioenergy with following agenda:

- Presentation of BioVill- an Energy self- sufficient rural settlement;

- Importance of improvement of district heating systems for better air quality;

- Possibilities for implementation of energy self- suficcient settlements in Slovenia, presented by Ministry for Infrastructure, Mr. uros Habjan;

- Development of energy- self sufficiency in Dole pri Litiji;

- best practice case form Austria- Planning, optimization , quality management ans operating;

- Analysis of energy potential of southern Pohorje;

- Potentials for energy self sufficiencxy in municipality of Zreče;

- Local traffic lights of climate actions with an appointment on energy undependancy of municipalities.

Discussion and next steps.